Sofia Alemani, visionary designer-architect, founded her brand “SOFIA ALEMANI FASHION CREATIVE” in 2009 after a career of eclecticism of her professional experiences that have ranged from art to interior design, from scenography to painting to sculpture.

From the first collections, presented in the context of Milan fashion week, in Montecarlo and Alta Roma, Sofia Alemani’s fashion project stands out for its unconventional idea: they are unique couture items, but accessible and, above all, enjoyable even during the day.

A spontaneous and curious approach to the fabric determines unusual interpretations, where nothing is taken for granted. So the right leaves the place to the reverse, creating unpublished perceptions and unexplored tactile suggestions. While the forms subvert the idea of the classic paper pattern because Sofia Alemani, as a perfect self-taught, does not follow the established rules, but traces different paths to achieve the same goal. Can you get a pair of pants without the side seam? Yes, it is possible and their form is as appealing as everything that is simple and new at the same time. Like the Columbus egg.

And if the exploration of the textile company in its rich history district, Como and surroundings, allows to its creations to confer more authentic and noble Italian excellence, and here that it “textile subject”, in the interpretation of Sofia Alemani, it transforms him in something original, only and at times even disrespectful. In order that cuts, binges, scratches and mockeries are not saved. In this way the concept of couture is put in discussion, beginning from its vocation to be exclusively worn in the evening. The visionary fashion of Sofia Alemani is thought in order to be lived out in the open, because the creativeness and the imagination must not be hidden in the exclusive evenings, but to be contaminated of daily life, making her happier and therefore daily exceptional.